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huh, I love Sidhe interactive

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Mario sent me an email
this is what it said

Dear Mr Smith,

It has come to my attention that despite the permanent banning of your
online forum account under the name "Doovepop" on 12 December 2005 on
official Sidhe Interactive forums located at
http://forums.sidheinteractive.com, you are continuing to create
accounts and post on said forums.

This activity is in violation with the terms and conditions of use of
forums. Also let me explicitly state that as a permanently banned user
do not have our permission to register on our official forums,
especially as
an identity masked user. Continued registration and posting on these
by your person could be consituted as harassment, and we request that
cease any and all such access.

We also request that you cease and desist any and all contact with
Interactive employees and refrain from sending any email to generic
Interactive email addresses.

If you do not comply with these requests, we will raise the matter with
internet service provider and request the termination of your service
grounds of abuse.

Should you have any problems, questions or feedback with regard to one
our products, I kindly direct you to converse with our publisher Home
Entertainment Suppliers who can be contacted via http://www.hes.net.


Mario Wynands

Managing Director
Sidhe Interactive

I swear they are the worst ever game company.
they sucked you in with there politeness when Rugby League 1 was being made, but now since they are a successful game company they don't have politeness or respect for there customers.

I hope someone burns down therehouses and Sidhe Ineteractive.
aaah great stuff. at least your not trying to sue him for $350,000 or threatining to send out your army of thruth after them.

what a shitt pr they have. i love you trev.
Originally posted by doovepop@Feb 20 2006, 08:16 AM

I hope someone burns down therehouses and Sidhe Ineteractive.
Bad move doovepop. You will halve their sales.
This is stupid. Everyone is like Los Lover.

They are planning a lawsuit on yo' scrawny ass, and you just won't give up.

I have an idea, stop visiting the forum. If the boss doesn't want you there, just don't go there. This place is pretty cool, chill out here. Theres not much over there anyway.

Is anybody sick of the words "here" and "there? I used them a lot there^^.

Oh, and this thread is pretty stupid.
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