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I hate the Daily Star newspaper



I was outraged when they're front page headline of today's paper was 'Dannii Given the Axe Factor'. Basically the Newspaper are having a go at Rugby because the Rugby World Cup Semi Final is being showed instead of the beloved 'X Factor'. (X Factor is a singing reality TV show, where normal people audition to become a Pop star). They say that the X Factor could have 10 million people tuning in that night, whereas the Rugby World Cup Semi Final could fail to have that many people tune in, even if England make the Semi's.

Full Story below;

Originally posted by Daily Star

X Factor fans are fuming because the hit show featuring Dannii Minogue and Simon Cowell has been axed from its primetime slot. The talent contest has been ditched by ITV1, despite attracting 10 million viewers, and will be replaced by a rugby match that might not even feature a British team.

THE X FACTOR is to be booted off TV to make way for a rugby match that millions of viewers will ignore.

Fans of the smash talent show are furious that it is being ditched for the first time in its history.

ITV1 bosses have kicked next Saturday's show into touch so they can show the first semi-final of the Rugby World Cup, which is not expected to feature a home nation.

Angry viewers had been hoping to see the first live X Factor show, hosted by Dermot O'Leary, 34, giving them the chance to see all the 12 X Factor finalists performed on stage for the first time.

The judges â€" including Simon Cowell, 47, and Dannii Minogue, 35 â€" would have delivered verdicts on their performances and then viewers would have voted to kick one act off.

Telly insiders say The X Factor could have expected to attract a 10 million-strong audience. But they say the rugby semi-final would probably fail to hit that figure, even if England were involved.

And if, as the bookies predict, England are knocked out of the tournament by Australia tomorrow, the match could struggle to draw even four million viewers.

The rugby coverage will follow Ant And Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and run from 7.45-10pm.

X Factor fans have branded the decision a "rucking disgrace", but it has left BBC1 chiefs chuckling with delight.

It means Strictly Come Dancing, which usually faces a head-to-head battle with The X Factor, will reap the benefit and attract huge ratings. Fan Terri Woods stormed: "Are ITV insane? They could have broadcast the show before the rugby instead of Ant And Dec, but they decided to sacrifice their top-rated show instead.

"The BBC must be laughing their heads off at being handed this gift from the crazy schedulers for the far less audience-friendly rugby â€" which has hardly been setting the ratings on fire. Well done ITV!"

And fellow viewer Mark Oldman added: "Why has this happened? There are 10 million viewers out there who tune into The X Factor and instead we're lumbered with rugby.

"That won't get 10 million people. It's a joke and a shoddy way to treat viewers."

The first live X Factor show will instead go out the following Saturday, October 20.

Among the acts tipped to make it big are girlband Hope, brother and sister duo Same Difference, hunky young singer Andy Williams, 22, and school teacher Beverly Trotman, 38.

Last night a show spokewoman defended the decision.

She said: "ITV is the home of big live event programming and we are fortunate to have
a number of fantastic events for our viewers on Saturday nights this autumn.

"A decision was taken to remove The X Factor this week because we are showing the Rugby World Cup Semi-Final.

"We want to give the first live X Factor show its full running time the following week."

The programme's sister show The Xtra Factor will be broadcast next Saturday on ITV2, with host Fearne Cotton, 25, profiling the finalists.

Let's fair here, The Rugby World Cup only comes around once every 4 years, the X Factor is on every bloody year. It's only the fact that Rugby isn't that popular the paper has picked up a fuss about it. If the Football World Cup was on (& on ITV) then nothing would be said.
Release CHABAL :rahh: to deal with the idiots who wrote and published that little piece of journalistic shite. Now!
BokMagic, if you ever saw the Daily Star 'newspaper' mate, you would see that there is nothing 'journalistic' about it! It truly is a rag.

Good on ITV for standing their ground and showing the rugby.
I bloody hate all those bloody reality singing shows, it basically proves that education levels are falling pretty rapidly....absolutely disgraceful...
Luckily we only have one reality singing show left, and thats Australian Idol.

X-Factor and Pop Stars was just so f***ing tacky and boring.
Well, if you really want a reality TV show, then try this one for size: the fecking RWC SEMI-FINALS!!!!!!!!!!

What better "reality TV" can you get? Real action, real hits, real drama, real tries. Real blood too, if you`re lucky. Plus a chance to see the greatest game on earth, for the "reality TV" fans, maybe even a chance to learn all about it. So what`s the fecking problem then?
When papers kick up a fuss like that, you know that they are low on material.
Good on ITV for showing a sport and not doing like they do over here in North America and simply going for what grabs the best ratings. I hate turning on The Sports Network to watch hockey only to find Poker and Darts are scheduled all night for all the fat lazy f***s who can't appreciate or play sports.

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