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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Foxhound, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Foxhound

    Foxhound Guest

    Has anyone yet to find the richmond team or otherwise known as harliquins
    excuse my spelling .
    yeah its just that i like Andrew M and Simon Maling and there not in it because they are with the Richmond team can anyone help me ?/
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  3. Foxhound

    Foxhound Guest

    oh yeah has anyone been able to make or find a new tv overlay like sky sports
    nz or any others if you have post reply o PM me
  4. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    um richmond aren't in the prem or the heiny are they?
  5. MightyQuin

    MightyQuin Guest

    Nope, Harlequins (or Richmond as they were in Rugby2005) finished bottom of the premiership last season so were relegated, and replaced by Bristol.

    They still have Andre Vos and Andrew Mehrtens playing for them though - and look like being promote back to the premiership, so hopefully they'll be back in Rugby 2007.
  6. andy.nico

    andy.nico Guest

    Quins are right next to Richmond College (my old college) but the Stoop is in Twickenham not Richmond.
    I live up the road.
    Roll on Rugby 2007 and the return of the Quins!!! :)
  7. MightyQuin

    MightyQuin Guest

    And Simon Maling doesn't play for them anymore ... not sure where he is now.
  8. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    they still have the comentary for mehrtens :) I have been tempted to create him and chuck him back in the all blacks :)
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