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I saw...


Saint N Sinner

..That error that comes up

"the disc that you are using is either dirty or damaged"

that everyone was talking about, and i noticed before that came up, (it came up on the menu) that as the 80th minute came, i scored a try, and converted it. and the match continued with a restart....and then i was penalised on their 22, and they kicked out. but am I wrong when I say that, a ball kicked out from a penalty should be played?
no if the ball goes out of play then its full time. thats why you see teams asking the ref if theres time to kick to touch rather than run a penalty
I had that happen. The error came up, then disappeared. I scored a try on full time but the game kept on going. Couldn't figure out what was wrong so I pressed quit game on the menu and it game me credit for a win.

Had I been thinking however I could have amassed a lot of points for World League by continually scoring tries.

Hasn't happened since
and wil only happen on PC......

congrats must go to PC hacker for coming up with the hold r3 button to hold onto ball realistically for a second or two while support arrives - has made the game very, very good now.....a true simulation.


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