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Saint N Sinner

From looking at the picture below, would you say this is an illegal copy of RC06?

Found it on eBay...

I wouldn't think so. Is it because of the general look of the cover? That is the cover that I have. And it is a legal copy.
Thats the cover of mine too. It's a southern Hemisphere copy. I don't know why it has that copy if it's in Leeds though.
Yeah they will be PAL, so it will work in on a UK PS2.... If its cheap buy it or just goto play.com, they had it for £17.99 with free delievery...
Even though he says that the flash is crap, i wouldn't buy anything with a pic like that. It's hard to tell, but if that has the SH cover why would it have the english rating system? It is G (for general) in Aus, do NZ have the english rating? If so then it's possibly been ordered from NZ, but I still wouldn't get it.

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