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I'm enjoying this game more each day



The more I play this game, and the moe I get used to it, the more I am starting to REALLY like it. Swordfish have obviously put a LOT of effort and play testing into this one, and it shows.

Once you start to get the hang of offloads, they start to work really well. You can't do them all the time, and often they don't quite go to hand - this is how it should be. You can learn to use them at the right time, and you can play some stunning rugby with them.

Although I think rucks take too long, I think the rucking system is otherwsie very good - turnovers happen EXACTLY when you feel they should - ie when players get isolated and your men arrive at ther breakdown faster.

The sprint and handoff feature work really well. Deft use of the sprint button to make a half break, easing off it for the pass in order to allow the next man to take and give his pass quickly - it is really well judged.

The players on your team who are not under your control are among the most intelligent in a Rugby game - I love how forwards come up on your fly halfs inside shoulder for an inside pop pass, I love how supporting players loop round to create overlaps...

As I'm learning more about the game, I'm starting to realise that it could turn out to be REALLY good.
Yeah. It's one of those games that you really need to give time to to get the most from it.

It seems like WCR to start off, but give it time and you will discover that it actually has a lot more depth than you give it credit for. It's a very good game.

The Best Rugby Game in 10 years.... For another 13 days at least.
Yep, totally agree with the opinions above, especially the bit about rucks. This is the single biggest flaw in the EA Rugby series - rucks seem to be decided purely on pack strength alone the moment the ball hits the floor and there's little you can do about it afterwards. Unfortunately, it sounds like Rugby 06, for all its apparent improvements, will still suffer from this same failing.

Though RC06 might be seen to be inferior to EA's game as far as set pieces are concerned, it still covers the most essential option in this respect (ie. the fly half dropping back to kick). In any case, EA's set plays are run by the computer itself, so there's no great satisfaction to be had on the part of the player - at least in RC06, whatever you carve out you have to work for.

In spite of all this, I'll still probably try to buy Rugby 06 (if I can find the dosh) simply because I enjoy playing rugby games, but I thought the critisicism from certain press sources, particularly TVG (French), was extremely harsh - the Swordfish boys have done a good, conscientious job here.
Correction - the French review I referred to was by Jeuxvideo not Total Video Games (apologies). The TVG one wasn't much better, mind.