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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by madmick96, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. madmick96

    madmick96 Guest

    Can somebody help me to get the music working, I just bought Rugby 06 and the music doesn't seem to be working. I press the the ALT button to change songs, you can see the tab there in the corner but I can't hear the music and yes my speakers and turned on and plugged in properly. The only time when I can hear music is in the loading screens. Please help somebody... :wah:
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  3. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    Going for the dumb ass answer here, but have you gone through options to see if the volume is up to the max?

    If you have & still no joy, the only thing I could suggest that you download the latest sound card driver.
  4. madmick96

    madmick96 Guest

    yeah its all the way up but i can still hear music on the comp in other games
  5. csrtt815

    csrtt815 Guest

    Ok try this. . . . Load the game up goto MY RUGBY/SYSTEM SETTINGS/JUKEBOX and make sure they are all or some that you want or dont want are ticked? then click BACK, Click on SOUND make sure your sound is at a reasonable level half-way is good, then save that settings it should work for you then when the next track is played! if this does not work try updating your DirectX this handles you GFX and Sound the latest one is DirectX 9.0c
    Too find out what version you have do this, Click on START then click on RUN type in the prompt box dxdiag once you have done that directx will open and test commponents it will give you all your systems info the version will be on the bottom of all the text displayed at the centre of the window.
    Hope this helps if not sorry cant help you any more than that!
  6. DC

    DC Guest

    im not gonna lie man... but based on this games music that sounds like a good thing!! :lol:
  7. madmick96

    madmick96 Guest

    i got the latest sound drivers, direct X 9.0c and everythin seems to be in good condition but i still cant hear the music OR THE COMMENTARY!! the sound when im playing like it goes down, mutes a little and then goes up the way bak up , volume i mean.
  8. csrtt815

    csrtt815 Guest

    yeah the Music is not that good nor is the commentry saying that! lets get rid of GRANT FOX he is a sad effort and not a commentator? ;)
  9. madmick96

    madmick96 Guest

    i would still like to hear it though...
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