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Is homophobia still present within football?


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Feb 22, 2016
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After the recent story involving Serge Aurier which hit the headlines, do you believe there is still homophobia embedded within football, its players or the fans?
This study is open to football fans and non football fans!
Below is a short study which will aim to answer this question, therefore any responses will be greatly appreciated. This study is for a master’s project for a UK university. The link is as follows: https://lboro.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/attitudes-towards-homophobia
Many Thanks
I have no idea about homophobia in football.

Sorry, are you lost btw?
Are we talking rugby football or association? Or just randomly spamming without paying much attention where?!?
even though this is most likely spam, i'll start the serious conversation by saying I had to yellow card someone this weekend for making homophobic attack... some thought it was harsh but my response is "it's 2016, come up with a better insult"
my thing is that it's not really offensive to the person on the receiving end but its offensive to consider homophobic language an insult
When you have any sport that is played through such a vast number of countries and cultures of course there is still going to be homophobia within the sport.

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