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Is there a way to find a certain players face file



Is there a way without going through every single file, to find a certain licensed players face file. So it can be edited?
Woosaah's editor gives you the player Id under the name when you click. That is the number face you want to edit.

I know that. I mean all the files in data.gob have filenames like 0890bec30f2e0f2c9db1c51e83626938.fsh, I want to know how I can tell which file has which face?
I think Aaron is a genius.

When you replace heads like J.Lamo with the licensed version, it changes every head thats the same doesn't it? Easily fixed by replacing retired players with the likenesses in the game. Congratulations Aaron, have a cookie.

Unless of course everybody else was well aware of this, then have half a cookie for pointing that out to me.
yeah i've known for a fair while now, after my first jonah lomu post, i've just not bothered posting much about it coz i thought the requests would be overwhelming, so far ive made ross filipo mose tuialii delasau its just tough tryin to get a decent model.o file to match the new player (editing the o is hard) ive also updated rodney with facial hair, piri weepu with his gay blond patch bruce reihana with green headgear etc
Give Carl Hayman his big beard.... And make him lead the haka!!!

Swap him with Rico.
Here is my first attempt of editing a portrait. I changed Lewis Moody, becasue EA's portrait of him is crap. Like Evol said editing the .o file is the hard part (once I find it).

Thats really nice, some of them are crap. Like Corry,Cueto and (I don't think I can say his name, BALDY) Dallaglio.

Originally posted by Black-Monday@Jun 12 2006, 06:22 PM
I think Hayman has to be the captain to lead the haka.

Nah, whenever Rico Gears in the squad he leads it, no matter who the captain is.

....Can someone edit Jerry Collins portrait? His neck really annoys me when I'm selecting squads.

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