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Is there demand for me to do a 06/07 Roster?



I have got back into playing Rugby 06 and I starting to get to a tetchy point where the roster doesn't cut it. So I was wondering whether a roster update would be worth it.

50 people d/l version 2, and 30 the first. So if I get those numbers again. I'll do one.

Post a few ideas and I'll have a go.

i dont play it anymore so i wouldnt download it. i havnt played rugby 06 since the rugby tornament.
I would use it, but then again I've updated most of the Celtic League sides already so I don't know if I'd have any real need to.
That was my feeling. No one plays it anymore, we've exhausted the AI. For me changing the rosters extended the lifetime a little bit. Seems we all played it to death.

I started to update my roster but never finished it! doing kits and graphics takes to much time just making the game last a little longer for 07 to come out. So BM if you have a update roster of all the northern hem teams i would use it! :bana: ;)
I'd definitely use it. The only reason I've not been playing Rugby 06 recently is cos it's horrendously out of date, so a roster update would be a godsend for me
Do you all play on your computers? Or is there away to modify Rugby 06 for PS2?
it would be nice coz i just got a new video card and the game runs almost perfectly at full detail
I may consider starting one in late january, but currently I am revising for my as exams in jan, so that reluctantly is taking up my time.

hey mate, ive started to play 06 again and was wondering if your still looking at a roster update! i was waiting for 07 but sounds like it wont be happening any update would be appreciated! thnx

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