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Jonah Lomu rugby Challenge


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Apr 26, 2012
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South Africa
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South Africa
Do anyone know where to download v2.0 Jonah Lomu rugby Challenge patch please?
for which console is this :? pc? xbox ? ps3? etc
Nice!!! would not mind this on the xbox!!!

looks like the SA players are updated too... but i think this might be a custom job done by an individual as i think the company that developed this game did not do any enhancements...

so i doubt this will be available for the xbox...

i think you might need to google the patch...

damn it a pitty, cuz i got tired to tryiong to figure out who the actual SA player was lol somethimes its seasy, like "Havana" you know needs to be Habana etc lol but sometimes its gets difficult :D
If you purchased Rugby Challenge via Steam it is updated when you install it from their server. If you bought it on DVD then the same should happen when you authenticate on Steam.

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