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@Jan 3 2006, 05:25 AM
It was released not long after PS1 I believe.

We wrote JLR for PS1, Saturn and PC - as far as I remember they were all released at the same time.

I might be wrong though ... wouldn't be the first time.
The only time I think you may have been wrong was when you hinted that RC2006 may be Swordfishes last rugby game.....sorry Trev....dead dead wrong there mate hehe
Whats the scoop GG let us in on the info it is share and share alike on the TRF forum
Just been playing JLR again with Dom. I forgot how good it was and thought all of these people still talking it up may be a bit generous to it. But it really still is awesome.
Damn you JJ, now I have to play it......(he says trudging off to bring up age old rivalry with flatmate)
off topic a bit

Play Radiant Silvergun on Saturn and then tell me its a machine thats less powerfull than the PS. As far as brute horsepower was concerned, the Saturn was the superior machine, its just the sheer amount of silicon that scared the developers.

One of the ironic things is that a lot of developers who complained about the dual processor set up the machine had, now have to deal with them on a lot of the new set-ups.

It was the machine that got me into the whole import scene, Bomberman Fight, Princess Crown, Radiant...loads of 'em

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