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just say hello and asking for some guiding



hi all you TRF gamer!

just registered yesterday night for the forum and after the warm welcome pn from ... sorry, i can't remember the name ... and the rugby 06 pc version on the way to my home, i landed immediately here in the gaming section ;)

since some hours i'm reading now trough all the topics and i can see, how many users here are sharing their great ideas/add-ons together for a even better rugby 06. but unfortunately, i'm lost. there are so much topics with a lot of modifications but not functional download links (message like: the link does not work because no one hast downloaded the file in the past 30 days (???)).

so, since i will receive today my copy of the game i wanted to ask, if somebody can guide me to the most important and actual downloads. my focus will be first on the national teams, then on the super 14 and the guiness premiership. what i'm looking for is a actual roster, actual jerseys and logos and maybe some adboards or other little goodies. i'm assuming, there is no big mod or download, so i will have to make several downloads (but like mentioned, the most do not work).

till now, i have the latest rosterupdate from ozzi (which is 'only' for the super 14, correct?) and the scotland national kit. but i'm sure there must be more which i could use! so thank's for any help!

ps: sorry for my english. since i'm swiss, german is my mother language ;)
Your best bet is "the big Rugby 06 modification project". Otherwise, it will be a case of trolling through the threads for the mods as and where they've been posted (and then discovering they don't work anylonger in some cases).

Welcome to the forum though! :)
thank's Teh Mite! @ least one person was willing to help me ....

in an other thread there was some complaining about why EA is putting so much efforts in their 'better selling' products like NFL, NBA, NHL and so one and there was mentioned that it has also something to do with the strong communities they have for this ***les. well, i'm not wondering anymore. comparing to the NFL and NHL community and their will to shere their work with others, this community here is piteous. sorry.
No, the Rugby 2006 community here was buzzing when the game was released.

Unfortunately you've found the forum about a year too late, most the the modders have done everything they are going to do.
just waiting for the next installment in a few months as well then it will be buzzing again with even more posts about modding and stuff.

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