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kit challenge



Someone should make a TRF kit. i would use it :) i would make it myself but i suck.

using the blues from the forum the TRF logo and even TRF balls :)

anyone want to do this?
Sounds like a great idea. I would do it if I had any Photoshop skills at all. I'll try and rope edinburgh_gunner in, if he's not too busy :D
Here's one I made in a few minutes

Aren't shoulder meant to be parrallel?

Anyway, good effort. It is the sort of thing we'll need, with that rugby ball from the top left corner as our team logo.

stop drawing english jersy's K! ^_^

..........good monkey -_-

now here's a banana :bana: and who wants weed??? yes you do.....yes you do!
Originally posted by woosaah@Apr 19 2006, 09:34 AM
yeah i havnt had any for 2 long :p
:eek: :lol: :roflrol:

had any bananas TOO LONG!

:angry: its people like you who who give bananas a bad name!

and monkeys

and monkeys who smoke weed

<_< hmmmm........monkeys who smoke weed???

*deep in dirty thoughts of english rugby and weed monkeys*
smokey i can only assume you do graphic design? im speechless, that is simply breathtaking.
Originally posted by DC13@Apr 20 2006, 06:14 PM
do you really own that jersey?!?!
You haven't seen the TRF shop yet?

You get one of these once you reach 3000 posts, collect 6 tokens and send of £5 P&P.

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