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Kit request



I have searched everywhere and I cannot find a edinburgh gunner kit. I'm new to Rugby 2005 editing, I edited kits for PES but i find the rugby 2005 format quite difficult to use so I am asking if someone can make both the edinburgh gunner kits? If anyone has, or is interested in making these please add me on msn: [email protected] . You'll find pictures for the edinburgh kits on www.edinburghrugby.com and I have the sponsor logos. Thanks for any help.
Thanks mate, I have very good pictures for the KooGa, Virgin, Magners and Edinburgh logo's but i'm having a hunt for the Evening news and forth one pictures, but they aren't really major sponsors.
i just realised you may well be in a different time zone to me, so us both being on msn at the same time isn't certainley going to happen. I'll mail the logos
haha, I used to support hearts and ayr at the same time so honest comes from honest men and jambo from hearts. I now just support ayr. Romanov, will he deliver what he has promised, thats what's important for hearts future.
Yeah, Ayr then. Allan Dunning of much use? He was always a good skilful footballer for us. Losing Stewart Kean must have been a blow though.
Dunning left i think, he did ok but like all of shank's signings he was next to useless. well, wardlaw is good but thats it.
Suppose moving from QP to Ayr is a bit of a step in some ways. You could be playing us next season mate!
really sorry but the logos didnt come up in mail only had your request

have you tried putting it on here?
ive finished the home kit now i need to work on the away kit.............would anyone have an image of their officiall away kit so i can work off it?
Thanks alot kinkon, are there any celtic league kits apart from edinburgh around?
These looks brilliant, I'd love a Glasgow one if anyone would be willing. How would one be able to upload these onto the PS2 version though hypothetically? And will that ever be available?
i can do the glasgow for you......all you have to do is provide me with their official jersey and certain logos for me to work off
Only 2 sponsors, Cotton Traders and Highland Spring. The shorts are very dark navy blue like the side bits on the shirt and the socks are the same colour with white tops.

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