La Marseillaise vs The Haka

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Crackdown, Oct 16, 2007.


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    Impossible to see it in the football. :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
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  3. It's really not.

    What you're suggesting is the equivilent of walking into an exam having revised brilliantly, writing 3 pages more than everyone else and finishing an hour before the rest of the room; only to realise that you've answered the wrong question.

    You could argue until the cows come home about how brilliant your answer was, but the fact that it doesn't tie in with the question put to you still means you would fail.

    I believe the All Blacks lost the game but they never got beaten PERIOD* French never won the game All Blacks lost it.

    Let me give you a little example
    "All Blacks a good team but not a great team" Australia World cup 1999 Australia world champs of both hemispheres and the Holders of Tri Nations Bledisloe and World cup ALL IN THE 1 YEAR! so you can have a great team and THE GREATEST TEAM..

    All Blacks failures ... YEAH RIGHT!

  4. You really, really need to learn about semantics. It's very difficult to argue with you simply because you don't seem to understand what you're saying a lot of the time.

    In this case there is a massive difference between failing, and being failures.

    Did the All Blacks fail against France? - yes. In this one instance they had the task of winning if the game. They didn't, therefore they failed.

    Have they been failures over the last 4 years? - no. Of course they haven't, they've beat virtually all comers.

    Small change of word, even if derived from the same prefix, totally rearranges the meaning of your argument.
  5. Prestwick

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    Thats crazy talk Webby!
  6. Ooh ok i get you then... but that must also mean England fall under the same class as us, i bet you didnt think of that one aye :):)

    And relax a little its because we live upside down we think that way...
  7. fmarques25

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    don't get me wrong a love football i live in a country where football news open the daily news shows almost every day, but in terms of fans rugby has a different atmosphere that in my view only some British (football) teams have.
    i was rooting for france in that game because the all black were a little to sure of themselves and that annoys me a lot.
  8. I made a compilation of national anthem and rugby songs (also haka, ...) recorded in stadium or pubs, shivers guaranteed. But I still search for some records of wallabies and springboks supporter. Please contact me if you are interrested in.
  9. bates

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    I would love to hear/see that mate.

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