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Llanelli v London Irish - Pool 5


An Tarbh

Llanelli will secure a home draw with a win this Sunday but harder ties lie in wait for the Scarlets, should they win Northampton are the most likely opponents but a tie with back to back champions Leicester is also a possibility, never the easiest draws for the top seeds.

But all they need is the win and home quarter final is theirs.
Judging by their form this season in the HEC it wouldn't surprise me if the Scarlets are a little disappointed to be playing their quarter final at home, afterall their 3 best performances all came away from Stradey Park while at home they haven't looked that convincing. Still they seem to have that air of confidence about them that the Welsh team did in 2005 so they're certainly worth putting a few euro on despite the fact that they face the defending champions.
I'd back the Scarlets against Munster at Stradey. Regan King is a class above anyone the defending champs can field in the centres, while the offloading today was at times superb. From both sides in all fairness.
i cant wait for this game, gunna be a ***anic match up, id back the scarlets, but they got to keep the game fast and fluid, they cant aloow munster to impose themselves cos there forwards will crush the scarlets, im gunna try nd get tickets for this i think!!
well no im defo not going to write of munster, but at the same time i aint writting of the scarlets, two teams, 50/50 chance!!

its about time a welsh side won the hec!!
It's definitely the hardest one to call, you'd expect Paris to give Leicester a decent game but the other 3 should be reasonably comfortable home wins but this one you make a valid case for either side.

It'll certainly be a step up for the Scarlets alright, they won't have come up against a side as strong defensively as Munster, their attacking game can certainly counter that but it won't be as paper thin as what they came up against in Toulouse.

Munster will be smarting after their defeat to Leicester so will definitely come out with a point to prove at Stradey, or whereever the game is played but Scarlets will know all this and will be waiting. Definitely the tie of the round imo.
They're debating at the minute about whether or not to move the match to the Liberty Stadium. In many ways, I hope they don't, but it would be great for the club if we could bring in a little extra cash from the bigger attendance.
Better off keeping it at Stradey, 5000 Munster fans will certainly make a hell of a lot of noise in the Liberty Stadium, and that's only their official allocation, they're well able to make inrodes on the home sides tickets as well.

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