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Locks, I want you to...



Forget the multiplayer for a second. R2004, WCR and now R2005. I am reminded constantly that "multiplayer", whatever the f*** that may be, is better than single player.

Pls give me an honest rating for R2005 as if multiplayer did not exist. I'm a little pertubed because it seems we are (once again!) approaching a scenario where the conversation is not up to scratch if you are engaged in a monologue... I'm tired of hearing how much better JLR, WCR and even R2004 is when playing multi.

I'm only interested in the single player. I dont have dozens of mates qeued up to take me on. So that factor of the game does not exist.

Let's forget that I'm possibly a sad loner, can you assist?

the pipmeister... (sorry
I second that - a little review espacially of the hard difficulty mode would be great!

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