lomu rugby still the best

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by funksoulbrother, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. whos still playing ea sports rugby? lomu stil the best all time game
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  3. lol yup

    but the distance between the game which was extremely good for its time, and still owns gameplay, and features, such as s12, world league etc, is closing

    2006 will be better than JLR, only becasue jlr is simply too old


    i think rugby 2005 is better then jonah lomu rugby id rather play multi-player on rugby 2005 rather then jlr im not sure maby because jlr is kind of old but it was really fun meand my friends played multi-player for yrs
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  6. kaftka

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    Insightful [​IMG]
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  8. Black|Raven

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    jlr too old...................NEVAAAAAAAAA!
    how dare you insult JLR.....hang your head in shame [​IMG]
  9. sanzar

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    I always thought JLR was way too easy and boring... Which is sort of similar to Rugby 2005 in a way, but realistic Rugby 2005 shits on it.

    In answer to the question though, I only occassionaly play Rugby 2005 now, but I didn't touch JLR ever again after the first 3 weeks...
  10. Los Lover

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    JLR awesome....

    rugby 2005 better options, graphics, teams, players, comps etc etc..........

    jlr graphics just too past it 4 me sorry.....Played for a week leading up to release of rugby 2005! But can't go back....

    I don't mean that rugby 2005 is way better or anything....but apart from pop passes and animation frustration it is better 4 sure.....and much better on defence and tactics etc........

    What I mean is that personally I have to move forward either way - If rugby 2006.....WAIT! WHEN rugby 2006 cures animation interruptions and pop balls with a difficulty factor and other glitches....this JLR argument will die forever...


    no doubt JLR was awesome though - played MP for years and single player on and off too even!!

    But I poured out my 8 ball for that homie long ago...

    No game option (on JLR) has any relevance - no selection, bad graphics etc.....Can't maintain run away realistically like rugby 2005...super 12 etc etc etc etc.....I need to simulate with my rugby.
  11. well hopfully they will get 2006 right - 2005 still has too many problems with it - if we keep saying we want 2006 more like lomu then maybe somone will read this and sort it out.

    They should simply consentrait on getting the gameplay spot on - forget the extra stuff like comps, graphics etc
  12. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    No, No I disagree...

    why compromise?

    we want BOTH gameplay and comps.....we'll get the comps cause they are alreadyt here and programmed - we don't ant to go backwards!!!!!! f***!


    anyway, gameplay to be tweaked, more options, more comps (classic matches etc and unlockable teams - say ten) and all the other changes needed -inlcuding points in WL and tables for: try scorers, kick percentage and points overall etc etc....

    I'm sorry, but as a gamer, I crave all these comps, tourneys and stats for longevity....and gameplay for the exact same thing obviously....they have partly got both right - now it is time to close the deal or for the streets to run red with AW's blood.

    JLR is prrof tht gameplay alone will not suffice - modern gamers can only and rightfully be satisfied with a spectacular blend of the following:

    GAMEPLAY (feel, AI, variety, realism)/GRAPHICS/OPTIONS (tournaments, time lengths, sliders, unlockables)/STATS (for bloody everything....and the ability to track the win-loss record of a particular loser everytime he plays etc etc etc....

    I want my head to figin hurt and my heart to explode out of my chest when I get rugby 2006 (hire before buy maybe?) or else I'm sticking with RL2...You hear me AW!!!??
  13. don't get your hopes up. aw isnt exactly the most active forum-goer. i think the thing that sets jlr apart from the rest is that we're still talking about it as the benchmark for new rugby games, rather than 2001 and 2004, which were much more modern than it. i still play jonah lomu sometimes just for the memories - but the options now are limited. bring back jonah lomu!
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