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London Irish v Ulster - Pool 5


An Tarbh

Ulster will need to pick up an away win if they're to have any chance of qualifying but given they've already lost at Stradey then it's already looking like a lost cause. The backline should be bolstered by the return of Bowe and Trimble and given that London Irish are all but out of it this should be an away win for Ulster but no bonus point for McCall and his team.
Head must have screwed off when I made that call, don't know what I was thinking really, Ulster like Edinburgh have more than a decent home record but can't produce the goods on the road, and Ulster haven't even got an away win in England or France so don't know what made me think this time would be any different, bonus point for Irish this time round and it sets up a good scrap for the runner up spot which might have an outside chance of qualifying given the fact that plenty of teams will be winning their pools with 4 wins.
Apart from LI getting the late BP it was a perfect result for the Scarlets who now lead the group by 7 points!
No problem really cause if Irish play like they did today then they'll win at home to Toulouse which takes them out of winning the pool, Irish will lose next week in Belfast taking them out of it while Ulster haven't a prayer in Toulouse so the group is Llanelli's
Decent match to watch - I decided to go as I had nothing better to do.

Considering LI had 2 men in the sin bin at one stage, Ulster really should have made them pay. Their backs had moments of spark, with Boss looking lively, but the pack let them down. Neil Best certainly didn't carry on his international form.

Mike Catt is still a wonderful player though, pulled the strings for Irish all game long. If he still had an extra yard of pace I'd have him back in an England shirt in a flash.