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London property advice

Hi all,

After living in Sweden for several years it looks like I will be moving back to London. I have read a lot about property prices being on the decline. With that in mind, can anyone suggest a good area (preferably in SW) with good public transport links which might have some upside due to e.g. regeneration or at least won't suffer too much decline going forward?

A friend suggested near Battersea power station but I'm open to ideas. Budget is £400k for a one (or ideally two) bed apartment.

Or would it be best to rent for a year or so and then consider buying depending on the market? Thanks in advance.

Remember to factor in SDLT charge (£10k on the £400k property), unless you're a first time buyer, in which case you'll escape it.
i'm living in london next summer... so if you haven't sold it by then and you need your house protected I'm your man. I can borrow all types of tools from my fellow americans.

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