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more reviews please



getting game tomorrow anyone in uk give a review of it cheers
i got it and bloody fabulous it is! being a roogby man im very happy with my team. 8 out 10

do not miss out i say do not miss out
i scored it yesterday & played it solidly all night! I give about 8.5/10, graphics are top rate. it is more realistic to play than any previous rugby game, tries are alot harder to come by, you have to run angles alot more - you feel like you've really worked for your tries. you also need to have watertight defense to prevent tries being scored against you, some of the oppositions moves are hard to read which is how it should be. general kicking could be better but after abit of practise you can master that as well. heaps of different games modes to play & the training mode is really good! overall a must for any rugby fan
To my surprise and delight, the game turned up in the post today, which
was a nice surprise after a crap day at school. The game is absolutely excellent, and I'll ditto every great thing people other than me have said before, as all the compliments are true. Started a Super 12 with Waikato and I've made a decent start, beating the Waratahs and the Reds but losing to the Crusaders and the Blues. I'll be starting my World League later, so I'll keep you posted on that. Plus there's a World League Cup!!!!

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