Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by goranski, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. goranski

    goranski Guest

    for some reason it's impossible to get a mouthguard shaped or made by a dentist in the US which is annoying enough - my question is what is the best type of mouthguard to buy that's available online and is the easiest to shape (been having trouble shaping the cheapos i buy locally, my teeth don't seem to be conducive to them) or is there somewhere else where I could get one made?

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  3. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    just go to canterbury and buy the simple boil and bite gumshields...

    or if u have moneyto blow, get ur dentist to make a mould of ur teeth, go to or, and then choose ur design and mail it to them
  4. OSU Blue

    OSU Blue Guest

    odd. i go to wal-mart and buy the cheap $0.97 youth size clear ones. just boil them until they get really really soft, and form them to your teeth by pulling a vacuum in your mouth. doesnt help as much as far as concussion protection, but it would take a very hard/awkward hit to mess up my teeth. i also play #10, so i need to talk a lot, and these are so small it allows me to, and protects my teeth. and i breath really well with it
  5. 187

    187 Guest

    yeah i've never bought a mouthguard let alone one from te dentist! sheeit, how much would that cost?
  6. man... i will never buy dentist made mouthguard.. unless i am so filthy rich and dont mind going to the dentist after every tour when i sumhow loses mine everytime!!! ARGH!!!
  7. In wales you can get them for free from University hospital of wales as long as you let them take a look at your teeth and play with them!!

    Saves a fortune... think they cost bout £80 britsih pounds

    And failing that the best i have found is the shock doctor II gumsheild found that really good
  8. goranski

    goranski Guest

    Thanks for the tips boys - reason i'm considering spending a bundle is because my teeth are an odd shape and never seem to fit the mouthguards i shape myself plus thought that getting the dentist to do it was not that unusual for ruggers....I guess I'll just buy a load of cheap ones from Wal-Mart and try to do the best I can.

  9. 187

    187 Guest

    weird shaped teeth? as in Mr. Ed weird or Dumb and Dumber weird? Post a picture!!!!!
    lol juz playn dude. goodluk with the mouthguard thingy.
  10. DC

    DC Guest

    shock doctor should work well, the oil boil an bite

    eh sometimes i end up not even wearing one!
  11. sitiveni11

    sitiveni11 Guest

    Hey I'm in Wanganui in da under 14 team and i got mouthgaurds for free from osh or something
  12. I would also say shock doctor is a good brand, although they're tough to boil and bite sometimes, but they're comfortable, you can breathe and talk easily with them, and I think they provide a little more protection then your cheap ass clear junk.
  13. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    I dont see how gumshields are £80!!, in my local dentist they are only £20!
  14. melon

    melon Guest

    Shock Doctors are the best. I've always got the top of the line model, it gives piece of mind but best of all if moulded exactly to the instructions it sticks to your teeth really really well, it full on grips on!!! lol.

    Very easy to talk with and very gagging or pieces of plastic annoying you.
  15. DC

    DC Guest

    i always chew on mine, especially when im putting the ball on the tee before i take my kick!! It always gets frayed out on the ends because of it.
  16. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    Well that's because you're one of those scrum-halves who never gets into the action. You know, get the big boys in front to protect you, refuse to dig out tough balls in fear of getting stamped, and only occasionally turning up for rucks.
    Work shy, i call it!
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