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My Sunday League - RC2


Academy Player
Dec 26, 2022
So I got my Sunday League where a few of us run teams...figured would post a link of a recent upload of a semifinal in it here:

My playlist for all my rugby Sunday League stuff is here...been posting this stuff on my youtube channel for 8 years now...have 74 seasons in total (though MANY were before I started posting to youtube)...

Let me know what you think...also had a few questions about mods for RC in general...what program do you use? I want to make my own updates and have some programming skills though for now just use the customization in RC2 (use to do it in RC3 but then that crashed so refuse to use that game again...) ... are there easier Rugby games out there (like maybe Rugby 2022) where you can make custom content for that anyone knows about?

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