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New Hairstyle



Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those metrosexual guys asking advice on whether his jeans make his butt too big!
Basically the situation is that I have just broken up with my girlfriend and want a complete change in look. I have messy dark hair and brown eyes but thinking of shaving my head and bleaching it in a kind of Carlos Spencer way.
Just wondering what everyone else's expereinces have been with bleaching hair and if there have been any horror stories
First bleached mine about a year ago, and have redone it 3 or 4 times since. Personally I feel it works for me, although I didn't get the shaved look first.

You should be fine with it, but as you have dark hair make sure you test it on a small patch first to see how long you need to leave the stuff on for. My hair is naturally light brown, so I would need to leave it on for less time than you to get the desired effect.
Laybe try going to a hair dresser the first time, rather than just trying out something on your hair, they'll know what things are possible with your hair, and once you know that it is a bad idea t o bleach it (because, for instance it turns you into a red head or whatnot) you'll know what not to do at home. It's better than finding out by looking in the bathroom mirror after being too enthusiastic with the waterperoxide.

Also, I think it's a shame you'd want to bleach your hair, or shave it off. Best looking gus are guys with darker hair :p
Plus, I heard Blonde guys don't age pretty [/b]

Much better than dark hair guys actually.. its really hard to tell if youve got grey or blonde hair when the grey starts coming in, so you wont have a bunch of grey spots with dark hair all over.
Of course, there are but a few girls who mind seeing a grey hair after a while.
And it's not as if grey hairs appear at random places, it usually starts at the temples, then streaks upward.

And to be honest, I don't remember where I heard that blonde guys don't age prettily. Probably some book, so I wouldn't take it as an insult :p
What is on with all these guys bleaching their hair...

I believe Mite has just done it....

Oh well, I'll post it here n'all. Yesterday it also had black and green stripes in it also.

Jeez Chris. My hair > your hair.

That's not even blonde. And it just looks weird with dark eyebrows.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those metrosexual guys asking advice on whether his jeans make his butt too big! [/b]

And what's wrong with "those metrosexual guys" exactly?

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