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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by getofmeland, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. hi my names killian im 17 i play for gorey U19s played for south east and had trials with leinster youth im a flanker and as you can probably tell i love putting in the hits i support leinster and i also play a bit of gaa and paintball on the side
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  3. JWolf

    JWolf Guest

    Hi! I'm JWolf, 22 years old, and I'm new on rugby world. Last year I started to watch some Heineken and Guinness matches and I loved it, and now I want to learn more about this fantastic sport. I'm from Spain, and here football is the only sport people like, you know... :( Anyway, I hope to learn a lot here, and to help new people too, if I can. Thank you very much ;)

    P.D: And sorry about my english ^_^
  4. jharver

    jharver Guest

    Name: Jack
    Age: 22
    Location: Suffolk, Va. (USA)
    Occupation: Full-time landscaper, part-time sports writer.
    Interests: Gridiron, cooking, reading, writing poetry.
    Who do you support? USA's Eagles, the Sharks, and whoever pay Bastareaud.
    Do you play? Yep. Putting more (time, effort, etc.) into it this time around.
    Favourite film: Aviator
    The Meaning of Life? Reflexive.
  5. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Hi guys and welcome! Get stuck in!
  6. !Dan

    !Dan Guest

    Name: Danny
    Age: 19
    Location: West London
    Occupation: Student
    Interests: Rugby Union, Football, most Sports, going out with mates
    Who do you support?: London Irish
    Do you play?: When I was in year 7-9, for my School team, not since then.
    Favourite film: Independence Day
    The Meaning of Life? : No meaning, just life
  7. NBRCS

    NBRCS Academy Player

    Jan 30, 2010
    Country Flag:


    Club or Nation:


    Name: Ricardo (But verybody calls me Richie)
    Age: 17
    Location: Mexico City, Mexico
    Occupation: Student
    Interests: Rugby, contact sports, Music in general (specially country music), animals.
    Who do you support?: Stade Toulousain, France and the All-Blacks
    Do you play?: No but I'm dying to
    Favourite film: Cinema Paradiso/The sound of music/Big Blue
    Favourite actor/actress: Jean Reno, Jack Nicholson,Jackie Chan, Adam Sandler, Patrick Swayze/Julie Andrews, Meryl Streep, Monica Belluci, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock
    Favourite artis/band: It's really hard to choose one I've got many, but it's mainly between Johnny Cash, Barry Manilow, James Taylor and Frank Sinatra
    The Meaning of Life? : Why waste time looking for its meaning when you can just enjoy it?
  8. D.C.

    D.C. Academy Player

    Mar 26, 2009
    Country Flag:


    Name: Diogo
    Age: 14
    Location: Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal
    Occupation: Student
    Interests: Rugby, friends, movies...
    Who do you support?: Munster, Toulon, Australia and of course Portugal
    Do you play?: Yes, i play fly-half and i love it :D
    Favourite film: Gladiator
    Favourite actor/actress: dunno
    Favourite artis/band: Eskimo Joe, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, 3 Doors Down, Ben Kweller, Frank Sinatra...
    The Meaning of Life? : Still to learn

  9. markshaw

    markshaw Academy Player

    Aug 11, 2010
    South Auckland
    Country Flag:

    New Zealand

    Club or Nation:


    Name: Mark
    Age: 21
    Location: South Auckland, New Zealand
    Occupation: Personal Trainer
    Interests: Sport, Fitness, Playstation
    Who do you support?: Auckland, Counties Manukau, Blues, All Blacks
    Do you play?: Representitive: Auckland Under 85kg 2010
    Club: College Rifles
    Favourite film: Dark Knight
    Favourite actor/actress: Vince Vaughen
    Favourite artis/band: BOB
    The Meaning of Life? : Enjoy it
  10. Draco

    Draco Academy Player

    Aug 23, 2010
    South Africa
    Country Flag:

    South Africa

    Name: Draco
    Age: who cares
    Location: South Africa
    Reason: Was borne here, don't have a choise...
  11. King_D'Arcy

    King_D'Arcy First XV

    Feb 26, 2007
    Country Flag:


    Name: Kevin
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6 foot
    Weight: 85kgs
    Marital Status: Single
    Location: Ballsbridge, Dublin
    Ethnicity: White
    Occupation: University student
    Spiritual Belief: Christianity... kinda
    Who do you support (team/s) ?: Ireland and the Leintser Lions
    Do you play?: I did in primary and secondary school. I was a number 7 but Ive had a weekend job since I've been in college so haven;t had time for rugby
    Favourite Film: The Big Lebowski
    Favourite Song: Mr. Tambourine Man
    Favourite Artist/Band: Oasis, Bob Dylan
    Favourite Actor/Actress: Jessica Alba (Hot) and Brad Pitt (Hot AND Talented)
    Favourite Sport: Rugby and/or Football
    Favourite Electronic Game: Pro evo and Call of Duty
    Favourite Food: PIZZA!!!!!
    Preferred Attire: Clothes
    Hobbies/Interests: Sport, Music, Nights out and that I suppose
    If I had a Million Dollars: Things
    Before I Die I Would Like To: Shag Jessica Alba (and Brad Pitt???)
    The Meaning of Life?: Being a nice lad
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2010
  12. ricky7

    ricky7 Academy Player

    Oct 12, 2010
    Country Flag:


    Some profiles are kinda too long..i want to amke one as well but i am getting sort of confused as to how should i start?
  13. webbyinjapan

    webbyinjapan Academy Player

    May 6, 2013
    Country Flag:


    Club or Nation:


    Name: Webby
    Age: 59
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6.00
    Weight: 13 stone 9 pounds
    Marital Status: Married
    Dependents: Japanese wife (mad as a bag of cats) and a 7 year old half Welsh, half Japanese son (even madder). I also have two adult children in the UK
    Location: Hokuriku Region of Japan. Around 1 and a half hours by train north of Kyoto.
    Ethnicity: One of God’s chosen,,,,,Welsh
    Occupation: Self employed owner of an English school.
    Education: Lots, but very little of it useful.
    Spiritual Belief: There may be something to it,,,
    Political Leanings: Cynical
    Who do you support (team/s) ?: Wales, Neath, Narberth and Hitchin
    Do you play?: Finished last year, having played since I was 5 - when I realized I had clothes older than most of the other team members.....and the knees are feked....
    Favourite Song: No one favourite, but I love R and B and Blues
    Favourite Sport: Rugby. I was a sports teacher many moons ago and so I have enjoyed many sports.
    Favourite Food : Japanese - Sashimi, sushi and Nihon shuu (sake)
    Hobbies/Interests: Sport, Music - playing guitar with friends, chasing after my son and life.
    Before I Die I Would Like To: Have tasted all the types of sake in Japan and to visit Wales one more time.
    The Meaning of Life? : If I wake up in the morning,,,,then the previous day was a success!
  14. Lionsfan

    Lionsfan Academy Player

    Jun 10, 2013
    Asturias, Spain
    Country Flag:


    Club or Nation:

    British Irish Lions

    Name: Marcos
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6' 0"
    Weight: 194lbs
    Marital Status: Available
    Location: Oviedo, Asturias, Spain
    Ethnicity: White
    Occupation: Student
    Spiritual Belief: Agnostic
    Political Leanings: Left-wing
    Who do you support (team/s) ?: Spain, Argentina, British & Irish Lions
    Do you play?: In this moment I only train. I'm going to start in September
    Favourite Film: Seven samurai/STII: Wrath of Khan/Invictus/Untouchable/Stargate/ The Taking of Pelham One Two Three/ Lost In Traslation
    Favourite Song: Blind Guardian "Mirror mirror"/Rhapsody of Fire "Holy Thunderforce"/Blackmore's Night "Under Violet Moon"
    Favourite Artist/Band: Blind Guardian/Stratovarius/Rhapsody/Elvenking/Lothloryen/Skiltron
    Favourite Actor/Actress -Scarlet Johanson/ Kevin Spacey/ Bill Murray
    Favourite Sport: Rugby I love it, I'm not fan of other sport
    Favourite Electronic Game: Another World/Super Mario/Halo/Rugby 08/Zelda/Mega Man/Medievil/Metroid Prime
    Favourite Food: Pizza, Udon noodles/omelette/steak
    Preferred Attire: Jeans, T-shirt, jacket
    Hobbies/Interests: Rugby, read comics, play videogames, show films, tabletop roleplaying games
    If I had a Million Dollars: I would bouht lot of comics, books and games, I would travel to Japan and New Zeland, and I would go to all rugby world cups
    Before I Die I Would Like To: In an eternal life with my friends, enjoying all my hobbies and making films!
    The Meaning of Life: The friends, the love, the hobbies and the art
  15. sinkers89

    sinkers89 Academy Player

    Jul 10, 2013
    Country Flag:


    Club or Nation:


    Sex: Male
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: Fat ass
    Marital Status: Married
    Location: Liverpool
    Ethnicity: British
    Education: a little bit
    Spiritual Belief: Roman catholic (to some extent)
    Political Leanings: Dont trust any of them
    Best friend: My little bro
    Favourite Song: To many to name, all heavy metal
    Favourite Artist/Band: Trivium
    Favourite Sport: Rugby (both codes)
    Favourite Electronic Game: Gears of war 1 Pc and Xbox360
    Favourite Food: Steak (blue to rare i want that thing to MOO when i put my fork in it)
    Preferred Attire: Band T-shirt and 3/4 combats
    If I had a Million Dollars: £100,000 to a local rugby team , invest the £800,000 in a global shipping company. £100,000 to last me the next 12 months.
    Before I Die I Would Like To: Go and watch at least 1 lions game.
  16. HToulon

    HToulon Academy Player

    Nov 13, 2013
    A, A
    Country Flag:


    Club or Nation:


    Hi there.
    Anyone living in the Sherborne/Yeovil area?
    Want to keep fit? Socialise? Get back into rugby after absence?
    Sherborne Touch Rugby Club meet twice a week on the Oxley Sports Centre astroturf pitch.
    Every Tuesday:19:30-20:30 and Thursday:20:00-21:00
    Two pounds per session. Tuesdays are normally out and out matches, and Thursdays a mixture of skills and drills and matches.
    We have players ranging from their 20s to their 50s, with skill levels from complete beginner, to ex international/ex premiership players.
    We organise regular outings and socials, and generally have a great time!
    All are welcome!!

    Contact Harry on: 07702 740272
    or email:
  17. Aedaphon

    Aedaphon Bench Player

    Dec 31, 2010
    Philadelphia. PA
    Country Flag:


    Club or Nation:


    I'm BACK. Kind of. Probably. At least for a little while.

    Name: Aed
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 80kgs or so
    Marital Status: Single-ish
    Location: The City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia), but back to London in the holidays
    Ethnicity: So... Belgian/Vietnamese born and raised in London. It's complicated.
    Occupation: Student
    Education: In "college" in the US of A
    Spiritual Belief: ... Agnostic? -Ish?
    Political Leanings: Liberal for America, Conservative for Europe
    Who do you support (team/s) ?: England, Barbarians, Lions, Wasps, Toulon
    Do you play?: Yep, University Rugby, still caught halfway between the back row and the back three (or 10 on occasion)
    Favourite Song: A little bit of everything
    Favourite Sport: Is that even a question?
    Favourite Food : Dim Sum. God's gift to mankind
    Hobbies/Interests: Rugby, reading and the development of mild alcoholism
    Before I Die I Would Like To: Have kids
    The Meaning of Life? : Spawn some progeny
  18. ruggabee

    ruggabee Bench Player

    Nov 15, 2013
    Country Flag:


    Club or Nation:


    Hey everyone.

    Name: Daniel
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Marital Status: Taken
    Location: Ireland
    Ethnicity: Irish mum/Malaysian (Chinese) dad
    Occupation: Student
    Education: Primary and Secondary at an Aussie school in Singapore, finished in New Zealand followed by a couple years uni there and now here in Ireland. Foreign fees no matter where I go hahahah..uhh.. so much for being a citizen of the world.
    Spirtual Belief: Not sure but there's something out there.
    Political Leanings: Don't care.
    Who do you support (team/s)?: Leinster, Chiefs, Ireland in Union, Warriors and the Kiwis in League
    Do you play?: Yeah, through high school and uni mainly as a winger but also half back.
    Favourite Song: A bit of everything. Alternative rock, post rock, some metal, electro, ambient.
    Favourite sport: Rugby, track. Bull rush was fun.
    Favourite food: Kebab wraps, burritos, pizza, pasta, nachos and mince with sour cream and cheese, butter chicken, everything Asian, big macs.
    Hobbies/Interests: Rugby, sci-fi novels, DC comics, film, TV, travelling.
  19. racingmetro92

    racingmetro92 Academy Player

    Apr 18, 2012
    Country Flag:


    Club or Nation:

    Racing Metro

    I think I still didn't do it

    Name: Cyril
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Height : 1m94
    Weight :
    Marital Status: Single
    Location: France, Colombes, 500m from the Stade Yves du Manoir :)
    Ethnicity: Frenh mum and Spanish (Basque Country) father
    Occupation: Student
    Education: classic french school
    Spirtual Belief: God doesn't exists
    Political Leanings: nothing for the moment
    Who do you support (team/s)?: Racing-Metro, Stade Toulousain, Biarritz, France
    Do you play?: I could play two years ago in the Racing Metro academy, but I was playing handball, so I prefered to continue it
    Favourite Song: Not a favourite song, but favourite artists : Avicii, Calvin Harris, and Christophe Maé (only the Frenches can know him :))
    Favourite sport: Rugby, Football, Handball and Basketball
    Favourite food: JUNK FOOD !!!! And the French gastronomy, especially from South West : foie gras, ...
    Hobbies/Interests: Sports on TV, practice sports with my friends, TV, Cinema
  20. ImScotty

    ImScotty First XV

    Jul 28, 2012
    Country Flag:


    Club or Nation:


    i didn't do mine so here we go

    Name: Callum
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Height : 5ft10in
    Weight : 13st5lb
    Marital Status: Single
    Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
    Ethnicity: Scottish
    Occupation: Student
    Education: Secondary School in scotland
    Spirtual Belief: God doesn't exists
    Political Leanings: nothing for the moment
    Who do you support (team/s)?: Edinburgh, Scotland, Chiefs
    Do you play?: Back Row (Blindside Flanker)
    Favourite Song: dont have one
    Favourite sport: Rugby some interest in football
    Favourite food: Curry
    Hobbies/Interests: playing rugby, watching tv and rugby 08 modding
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2013
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