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New Prime Minister



Earlier today, her Majesty, the Queen asked Gordon Brown to form a new government as Prime Minister.

BBC Story

Anyone have any thoughts or comments on the man that will lead the UK from now on?
i just hope the torys get into power soon, ever since labour have come into power, britain has just gone to the dogs imho, sorry if that offends anyone, lol
Possibility to be better than Mr Blair, but still would rather see the conservatives in although gonna take some time to sort out the mess Labour have made of this country and yet again the conservatives will get the blame for it...

To be Honest Vote BNP!!!
Pfft same old show, just more subtle spin thats all.

Gordon Brown however is in the same position Canada's Paul Martin was when Jean Chretien left as Prime Minister of Canada.

Both had fat yet slightly disruptive majorities won by their predecessors, both patently didn't like their predecessors and both didn't have many opportunities to make an impression with the general public.

I have a feeling that Gordon Brown will make the same mistake as Paul Martin. In the rush to set out his own mandate, he might call a snap election. In this case, he might seriously trip up and end up ruling as Britain's first minority PM since James Callaghan.

In the case of Paul Martin, he called a snap election, more or less lost his previous majority and had to side with the NDP (Canada's version of the Lib Dems) in order to rule. Classic Callaghan scenario basically.

In the end, the NDP pulled out, Martin staggered on for a few more months until he fell victim to a no confidence vote which triggered an election and thus now the Tories are in power in Ottawa under Stephen Harper.

So, beware Gordon Brown!
Just when you think this country can't get any worse, we are now ruled by a forigner, who wasn't elected, passing laws he cannot vote on himself as his constituancy is in Scotland where they have their own parlament, who's overloaded an already shakey economy with false growth onto the point of recession.

England is f***ed. And I thought things were bad with Blair.
Brown is the lesser evil of New Labour's 3 stooges, but that's really not saying much.

Personally I think an election should be called whenever a new PM is to be put in power. It's utter ******** that an unelected guy can just waltz straight into the top job.

Consider how low a percentage of the population voted for Labour in the last election, and then look at the opposition to Brown taking the role from inside the Labout Party itself - it becomes very obvious what a ridiculously small cut of the population actually want him leading the country.
Now, this is an interesting conundrum which has resulted from years of Tony Blair and his 'Presidential' style of government.

Remember that this is an elected Parliament from which a government has been chosen from and not an elected Government with a separate Parliament to bring it to account. When a Parliament is elected, it is elected for a maximum of five years or when the monarch feels it acceptable to dissolve it. From this Parliament, the leader of the biggest faction is asked to form a government by the monarch.

As we are running by that way of doing things therefore, as we are still in the Parliament, as elected in 2005 which will be dissolved in 2010 at the latest, and as Labour is still the biggest party with an overall majority, therefore it is not actually breaking any rules. This is because the same party that had been elected is still there, it is just changing leader. You cannot dissolve Parliament because, in effect, nothing has changed. You cannot call new elections because the Prime Minister has changed when those elections are actually meant to elect a Parliament.

Thus, the problem is that in order to satisfy the demand for new elections to pick a new executive, there must be a separation of the executive from the legislature with separate elections to elect a Primer Minister and his/her team.

In any case, this would require serious new legislation to change the constitution as well as serious changes to the political landscape of the UK.

New elections would be a waste of time anyway, they would not tell us anything new, turnout would probably be low and Brown would still scrape through with a small majority. Far better to wait for Brown to trip up in the last two years of this Parliament than rush things with new fangled automatically triggered elections.

Edit: Low vote percentages have always been an interesting no-win situation. If they result via a first past the post ballot, then that means that the largest party in power was elected with a percentage of the vote far fewer than that of its rivals in opposition. However, with proportional representation, you then have the prospect of many different parties who could represent vastly different points of view clinging together in a coalition, thus bringing the argument that why should a party (or indeed parties) who had scored a paltry 5-10% of the vote have a part in government. Israel is a perfect example, with moderate left wing Labour Ministers representing mainstream public opinion finding their ideas being vetoed by the solitary minister representing the "Kill all ragheads" ultra-supa-doopa-zionist party representing roughly 1% of the country.

In short, the only government that could truly claim to "represent the people" is one that is totalitarian in nature.
Something that made me think of dear Gordon and his liberal lefties...

"Leftard" or "Leftarded" is a common insult used in the debate community against anyone who is even remotely left-of-center on the political scale.

Leftards are incredibly stupid people who are constantly spouting off to others to stop smoking, to drive hybrid cars, telling you about how you have to watch Loose Change and telling you that you have destroyed the ozone layer when you farted at a party. They can be identified by their constant usage of phrases such as: "NO BLOOD FOR OIL" ...and their extreme hatred for Christianity, which offends them as it is associated with Western culture, a popular target of leftard hatred. This is ironic (since Christians and Liberals share most of the same characteristics.) They commonly listen to **** like Green Day and like to yell at everyone about the "EVVVIL NEOCON OILBUSHCO CHILD-KILLING AGENDA!!'". A common argument leftards use is the "But people are dying in Iraq" in light of a tragedy. If you had your entire family gunned down by some crazy azn leftards would yell at you for shedding a tear or saying anything to their memory because


It is also believed that leftards are furries due to the fact that they care more about animal abuse than real people dying.

The best way to handle leftists is through this method:

i just hope the torys get into power soon, ever since labour have come into power, britain has just gone to the dogs imho, sorry if that offends anyone, lol [/b]

I cannot WAIT for Royal Blue Stuey to read that!
No, he despises the Tories. Don't get me wrong I'm no fan myself, but RBS is going to kick your arses from here to Honolulu over this.
By sticking up for Gordon "lets f*** the economy up and rape the pension fund" Brown.

Thew only residence that man deserves in the city of London is atop of the tower.
Oh yeah?

Well I've got O'Rothlain on my side, creating posters for my advertising campaign! Stick that up your blunt and smoke it!

Yeah.............. I said "blunt."
I am sorry but the only thing that this government has done right is.... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Can I get back to you on that one!!!

and I should be the next PM, as I am politically Incorrect ie Racist, Homophobic, Chain Smoking, binge drinking enforcer...

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