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this is my first post, I am a girlie and play rugby, well started playing, it takes a while to get use to, but have some questions for you guys who play rugby

Do you prefer the traditional High Cut Rugby Shorts as opposed to long ones?

When I paly I wear lycra shorts under my main shorts, this is a serious question, but what do you guys wear underneath your shorts?
I only tend to wear either boxers or briefs, but some guys do wear something underneath. I think I've seen bike-shorts or whatever before.

Not sure what kind of assistance it may give you other than cover, really. If it's comfortable and legal, then by all means wear it I reckon.
I very occasionally wear Neoprene shorts underneath when it is extremely cold to stop unnecessary thigh injuries, but other than that I find them slightly restricting and just go for boxers with lycra to er... keep everything in place...
I wear lycra shorts under my main ones, if only to keep my muscles warm - I play as an outside back which can sometimes mean long periods of doing not a lot. Plus they do stop you getting cuts and scratches on your thighs.

I had a monster of a prop stand on my leg once, and his rough edged studs slide down my thigh. Ended up with a couple of big gashes in my leg and could hardly walk for a while afterwards.

So I'd say wear them.
Probably comes down to personal preference, if you want to wear them, go ahead. Do offer warmth when cold or you don't see a lot of the ball, as do gloves, and a top under your playing jersey :p
my guns are too big for anything other than a tight boxer to fit under my shorts... :p
When I play, I wear a tightish pair of Boxers... Just really comfort never got the use out of Lycra Shorts underneath...
When I first started playing I just wore the good ol' grunds underneath (but i chaffed :p) so ever since my first couple of games I've been wearing the lycra Adidas compression shorts. But as mentioned before, probably a personal preference.
I forgot my lycra shorts for my match on Saturday and got viciously chafed. I'll never make the same mistake again.
guys.... we're forgetting one thing.. she's a girl.. and she obviously need not carry a 5" pipe around... I reckon she'd be cool with compression shorts ey...
Yes indeed.... big men, on and off the field.. as well as the bed... [/b]

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oh no.... i have a feeling someone's going to start a "post a pic of your penis size" thread :bana: [/b]

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