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Oh, what's the ******** gone and done!?!
I can't believe you put that up!!!!

:ranting: :ranting: :ranting: :ranting: :rahh: :rahh: :rahh: :rahh: :%#%#: :%#%#: :%#%#: :%#%#:

Sure, when everyone else was playing as australia and new zealand and still getting kicked by 70 points nobody made a comment.
I was the lowly Ospreys (with a really **** manager (both in real life and controlling the players on the game)) and i get no sympathy!!!
That's a kicking and a half. Look at the bright side - at least that 7 can't be taken away...
It was a bit of a hiding. I got a good kicking as well but I had spells where my little grubbers nearly paid off.

Shame I have no photos of my film - would loved for Mite to have knocked up a trailer and or a poster campaign.
Oh man, it was a great 7 points.
Penalty to Ospreys, i could have done what i did in the first game and go for 3 points to get the scoreboard rolling but i had confidence in the mighty Ospreys.
So Henson stepped up and slotted the ball into touch not too far out.
Line out taken forward takes it in and rumbles the pack up a little scrum half then passes out and one of the big boys crashes the ball up, before Chris could even grasp at the ingenius of my England-world-cup-2003 tactic, Richie Pugh had already taken the ball and crashed over for 5 beautiful points.

Henson then proceeded to slot the ball through the posts about 10 metres away from the touch line.

Other things happened in that game, but i really can't remember.They weren'tt significant, let's leave it at that...

It was a bit of a hiding. I got a good kicking as well but I had spells where my little grubbers nearly paid off.[/b]

Shut up, you!
You chose one of the top international sides in the world to play him!
The mention on Matt's early dart for the line has been forgotten...

In the 3rd minute Shane williams darted away from a breakdown and looked certain to score by the right flag were it not for a last gasp ankle tapper from an ever-dangerous Reihana 1 metre out. The breakdown resulted in a turnover and a skip through the gainline and out of his own end zone by Carlos Spencer. A backtracking Henson managed to bring down the mercurial Kiwi, but not before an ofload to big Joe Van Nekirk put Saints up to the 10m line. Fast passing from Sharky Robinson meant the ball was spread wide to Brewer who made it past 3 defenders before cutting the ball inside back to Spencer for the dot down between the sticks. 7-0.


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