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NFL legend Brett Favre calls time on career


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Mar 1, 2006
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NFL legend Brett Favre has retired from the sport for a third time.

Favre, 41, previously quit in 2008 and 2009 but returned on each occasion - firstly with the New York Jets and then with the Minnesota Vikings.

But the quarterback, holder of most consecutive starts in the sport (321, including play-offs), insisted: "I know it's time, and that's OK. It is."

Favre sat out his final game through injury as the Vikings lost 20-13 to Detroit finish last in the NFC North.


A real class player, will be in the Hall of Fame in 5 years time.
Yes a real legend,how long before you see him as a offensive coordinator for some nfl team or college team:)
I don't think he will, he has taken a beating this year and the way the Vikes ended up this season with the circus that was the Childress and Moss show I just don't see him coming back. His body is roughed up so I think he now realises this season was one season to many for him.
"Hey Brett, here's another $10million. Want to play 16 games?". Favre has retired too many times already for me to truly believe him.
I think he will be an offensive co-ordinator and be on big bucks. 1 thing for certain is he isn't finished in the game but his playing days are as his body has given up.
Also once he stopped with the consecutive games record he had no reason left to play
I only realized a few days ago he was in theres something about Mary all those years ago :p
He did take a big beating this year from the press and on the field.
Just at the end when Cameron Diaz finds out that she had 4 men creeping on her....then Ben stiller Brings in Brett Favre her ex Fiancée and you think they are going to get back together ..then boom ...she picks zoolander..
Ah I remember it now :) but Zoolander what a film and on that scene you would forget that Lee Evans is guy on crutches. Another great comedian
Plays Mary's love interest which she almost marries!
Lee Evans is the least funny man in the world. Unless sweating alot and being an idiot is funny these days.
Brett Favre reminds me of my 40 year old dad. retires every season, but plays every season.

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