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Niall Malone


An Tarbh

Right then if this is off the mark with what this thread is trying to be then feel free to delete it.

My nomination for the Hall of Shame is former Irish fly half Niall Malone. Malone was the interim out half in between 2 of our more better players Ralph Keyes and Eric Elwood. However in Malone's 2 appearances he managed to make a mockery of those who thought he was up to international level. In his debut against the Scots at Murrayfield on the opening day his performance was as inept as it is possible to be at this level, numerous handling errors, poor tactical kicking, weak defensive showing and the inability to convert the easiest of penalties saw Malone come away with the awesome total of 3 points. To be fair to Ireland they created enough kicking opportunities for Malone to win the match but he bottled it big time, now it wasn't as if he missed difficult chances he was missing easy ones from within the opposition 10m line and even further in. Scotland scored 2 tries which were dubious enough but such was Malone's ineptitude that the final scoreline of 15-3 flattered the hosts.

Now normally after such a poor showing you'd expect that he'd be dropped but in their infinite wisdom the Irish management saw fit to keep faith with this gobshite whose masterful performance handed the victory to the Scots in Murrayfield. Now Malone didn't quite reach his levels of crapness which he scaled so wonderfully in his debut but he wasn't far off the mark, he was able to double his points tally but his inability to get anything out of the Irish backline that included the legend Simon Geoghegan was criminal.

So his double failure to perform saw him axed from the team to play Wales in Cardiff and not surprisingly his replacement, the legend Eric Elwood, put in a storming performance not only on debut but was masterful in guiding Ireland to a famous 17-3 victory against England on the final day with that legendary try by Gaillimh.

So there you have it, for pure crapness I give you Niall Malone.
I looked him up the other day. Apparently it was the early-mid 90's. I forgot. I want to say his debut was '93.



So, anyone dispute his inclusion? I think the fact that nobody know who he is says enough.
Was 93 plus I was only 9 at the time and quite prone to roaring abuse at players for any little mistake so the fact that he made so many forged quite a hatred of him especially in a game we could have won. Early memories tend to stick, that's why I must have picked him right off the bat, I'm sure there's others I can think of.

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