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Nominations thread

and a legend at predictions.
Anyway's, like stated before...Is there a limit on how many people can vote, and/or is there a time limit on voting?
The only reason I nominated you was because of all the times you made comments on prediction straight out to go against members who dismissed you or made comments about Wales.

I am sure there are more members on here who dont know as much as you, But they kept to themselves. You shouldn't care really though LORA...this is the Internet why should you give anything at what people say on here.
I have, in fact, used that quote on more than one occasion over the last few months, though I have no idea where it's from!
Whats with the Alias nominations? Theres no competition!

Hoff angry. Hoff Smash!!

Oh wait, no. That was out of character...
Well looks like no one missed me except Eric thanks guys.
Originally posted by .:kaftka:.@Jan 15 2006, 06:45 PM
I missed you. Just no need to nominate now you're back...
Thanks I knew you would say that

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