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Northampton Town RLFC

RL is certainly growing in the Midlands, so if it works, then as you say, good luck to them
Cordoza has his head in the clouds regarding about the Super League comments though (even if they do put a team good enough together) purely because they'd use sixfields which will never get extended. Well, that is until Winkleman buys and moves Saints permanently to Bletchley and Leon Barwell sells FG on the cheep.
Northampton Town FC to run rugby league team from 2013


The Rugby Football League has confirmed Northampton Town FC will enter a team in the semi-professional Championship One competition from 2013.

Happy Mite?
Good luck to em, but i hope they are not fast tracked into SL, like Crusaders.
If Cordoza "colbler-fies" them instead of letting them find their own feet, they're doomed from the off. For their sake, I hope that Greek mafia boss keeps his money grabbing oar out of it.

On a side note, I can see the odd scrap kicking off down Edgar Mobbs way if that happens too between the RL, Soccer and Union idiots n'all. It was bad enough when the Saints kids and N.A.T. thought they would be cute.
Good luck to them. I'd love to see it work. Northampton is obviously one of the biggest hotbeds of rugby in the country. They need to be given time to grow into their own image with their own set up and nothing shoehorned or fast tracked in. They are never going to compete with Saints, and nor should they try, so if nobody starts thinking about that and the RFL stay away from it, then it can go well.
Northampton Demons already exist? I guess that a pro side named the rebels playing out of a stadium will overshadow them.

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