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NZ Cricket short on cash?



It seems with the sri lankan pull out of NZ that NZ cricket is short of cash and is trying to get india or a world xI team to come to nz. Thi from the NZ Herald

Cricket: New Zealand looking to play India or World XI


New Zealand Cricket is pinning its hopes on the summer being salvaged by either a mercy dash from India or an 11th hour one-day series between the Black Caps and a World XI.

As planning continued for next week's world charity match in Melbourne, NZC chief executive Martin Snedden confirmed he was still hopeful of bringing more international cricket to the country this month, in a bid to compensate for the abandoned Sri Lankan tour.

He said an official invitation had been sent to the Board of Control of Cricket India (BCCI) and contingency plans were afoot for three one-day internationals between New Zealand and a World XI, to be played in the second half of this month.

It's proposed that the World XI would effectively be an invitation side from the Federation of International Cricketers Associations (FICA), comprising players not required by their respective administrations in the relevant time period.

Snedden has been working with New Zealand Cricket Players Association chief Heath Mills, and FICA boss Tim May in an effort to bring together a side of international repute, should the India invitation not prove successful.

Speaking from Taupo, Snedden said NZC was hopeful of receiving support for the World XI concept from the International Cricket Council, and in turn from the relevant national boards of players.

"We've formally applied to the ICC for permission and support, so that other test-playing nations might be encouraged to release players for the event," Snedden said.

"We really need the ICC support, and have been trying to get hold of them today to get that part of it signed off. Then we'll work with Tim and Heath to see if we can get a quality team together.

"It's no good having a sort of middle of the line-type team - it has to be made up of players of genuine billing."

On the other hand, he was ever hopeful that India might decide to send a team at late notice, and that cricket fans might receive an unexpected treat in either a test format or in the shorter version of the game.

"I'm not sure whether it would be tests or ODIs, or what the time frame might be, but the first step is to see whether they're prepared to send a team here in the first place," he said.

"We haven't had a response yet but they've only had the request for a very short period of time so it's not surprising."

Snedden declined to speculate on which cricketers might be involved in a FICA invitation side, but the most likely scenario involves a mix from India and either Pakistan or the West Indies, as well as the possibility of players such as Australians Shane Warne and Justin Langer.

* AAP reports that West Indies trio Brian Lara, Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo have been given the go-ahead to play in Monday's match in Melbourne.

The team management was originally hesitant to let all three play for a World XI against an Asian XI at the McG because of the potential strain an injury might put on the squad.

But a West Indies team spokesman yesterday confirmed coach Bennett King and manager Tony Howard had agreed to batsmen Lara and Gayle and allrounder Bravo taking part in the gala charity match.

The West Indies had their first training session in Australia yesterday and are likely to take a full-strength side into their first warm-up match, a day-night clash against Victoria at the MCG tomorrow.

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