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The Kiddie

I keep giving away interceptions when trying to off-load.

What should I be doing to ensure the off-loads work properly?
Hmmmnnn.... doesn't really help. Should I be holding down the pass button and release when tackled?

Someone please help me otherwise the PS2 will be out the window! And I'm on the 7th floor!
Well, i think we have gathered that offloads only work about 50-60% of the time. Only attempt one when you have a player in support and there are no opposition players very closeby.

It will not always work, but it sometimes will.

once ur career team gets really good

like overall stats avg of 80+

offloading is alot more accurate and frequent

last night i scored a great try with a flick ball onto my bolting winger

good night, put the glasses on..............TRY TIME
Also, I used to offload the ball often only for it to be intercepted/lose 10m ground what seemed like 80% of the time. Now that I have played the game a lot, my offloads are getting a lot better. I'm doing some pretty classy offloads now. Of course, theres always the odd one that goes to the opposition...

So basically, give it time. Your reactions or whatever will get better and you'll be finding yourself instinctively when/how to offload when the situation arises... You'll get better.
How exactly do you do off-loads? I've only had time to play one or two game since i got it..... do you hit pass in the tackle, or hold it and then release it whilst being tackled?

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