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"Officialising" the PC Version



hi there,
am currently updating all unofficial kits from the pc version with the help of darhf. if you have good high res images of any of the heineken cup teams/ logos/ sponsors or international teams without proper sponsers logos etc, it would help a lot if you could post them or email them to me at [email protected]. i will endevour to get these made up asap and post a link to some sort of patch.

muchos gracias
would you guys be interested in remodelling the Irish proncial side's kits? If so, I'll send on some images. Cheers
yes, im going to do them all, i just dont have all the time in the world to hunt down sponsor images and team colour home away etc so if good people like yourself who have a particular interest in a certain team could send me them it would be much appreciated
ok, i'll do my best. Will sort out Leinster for ya and send them on. Will you need Canterbury Logo's etc or have you got them already?
have vectorised versions of all kit manufacturers and international logos so just need kit images and sponsor images. if anybody would like copies of ineternational logos just drop me a note at the above address or send me a private post thing
just sent ye on some Leinster stuff, let me know if there's any problems. Cheers.