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okay wtf! rugby 08

It's not just that the rosters are out of date, a lot of the players names are wrong and in the case of at least one Irish player (malcolm o'kelly), he's black.

tell me about it bro, half of tonga's teams names are spelt wrong! bloody shocking. did you also notice there's 2 of some players?!?! then you don't even have some players like Nili Latu who bloody captained them for a couple games i think. he's a NZer in the game.
eeah! how'd you update your ps2 rosters?

i understands there are some doubles in the game with regards to the islanders, some of them are easily replaced [/b]

By this I mean , swap all players from old teams to new , eg Chris Paterson from Edinburgh to Gloucester etc , as you can only scroll starting with props this takes ages , but have managed to do it . The only way however to add missing players is to use create a player which I have done for a few missing Welsh players , but once done they all look the same , abeit with slightly different hair styles and names .

Sorry if I got your hopes up about a real editor !

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