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On report!



Ok, so this is something i've been meaning to ask for a while, but it keeps slipping my mind. And i think today (after seeing the weekend's highlights) the question has stuck in my mind moreso than usual becuase of the events having been seen.
So Brent Webb got put "on report" twice in the space of a minute for dangerous high tackles before being sin binned for a third high tackle. Vangana got sent off for leading with his forearm into contact - and in result left a player injured on the floor.

So is this "on report" thing the equivalent to that when an issue gets put to in independant citing commission?
I pressume Webb's offences will still be "on report" but in Union, if the offence was bad enough and the player still got sin binned then a citing commission still might be brought into play after the match to decide upon a hearing what action should be taken to punish the player.
Will this happen to Vangana?

Also, something that's been bugging me, i've not been watching the code for long, but i very often hear the referee calling "on report" yet i never hear anything come of it post-match.
Maybe i'm not looking in the right places for the news, but are a majority of these "on report" offences just thrown out the window?
In Union, it's the extreme cases that get seen to and still a lot of people are let off the hook.
But in League it seems to me that if a ref is unsure of an offence he'll put it on report - so i believe, inevitably, more cases will be dismissed.

I know i've babbled on for a bit, but i just basically wanted to know if justice was served in this sport - or are they leniant to the players.
"on report" isn't something I am a big fan of.

Basically, it's to cover the referee's back. If a serious offence takes please, instead of issuing a card they put it on report. So long as that player keeps their nose clean for the rest of the game, their offence will be looked at by the RFL, normally on the Tuesday after the match.

The Brent Webb incident made me very angry this weekend - so angry in fact, I e-mailed the RFL. The other week, Phil Bentham sent Jon Wilkin off for a pretty standard high shot. Brent Webb got away with on report twice, that's UNHEARD of. He should have been off, plain and simple. Not least because he's Brent Webb.

The RFL meet to decide if the player has a case to answer. Nick Fozzard, for example, laughably got put on report for "leading with the elbow into a tackle." The RFL ruled he has no case to answer. They will look at Fat Joe Vagana's incident and may decide to ban him further. Not seen it myself, a ban could be sufficient.

So yes, basically "on report" is the RL equivalent of a citation.
Good news to hear ******** Webb got given 4 games - that made my day when i received the text.
Cheers dan.
great news!

his actions and attitude in the Quins game were appalling

the ref should've sent him off, especially after 3 high shots
It's a good ban and rightly so - but how exactly does this help the Quins???