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What do you guys think about Os? The other night on Boot & All rugby program Jake White said that he does'nt know if os is retireing!!!! What do you think??
Its unfortunate that great players like Os don't get as much love as others in different positions, had he'd been a winger it would make huge news all over the world. Anywayz good luck to him for the future and a great loss to rugby all over the world.
Out of respect for the great Pieter Du Randt, known and loved throughout the world as Sir Os, his hometown of Bloemfontein will officially undergo a name change as of next year. From now on, it`ll be called Osfontein!

On a more serious note- Os made his test debut for the Boks some 13 years ago, in 1994, against the mighty scrummaging Argentinians, no less. Almost immediately, he was universally respected as one of the best, if not the best, loosehead prop in the world. 13 years later, and he`s still considered one of the best. Higher praise than that, especially in the era of professionalism, you can`t get.

Here`s to Sir Os, not only a brilliant prop forward, but a thoroughly decent person too! CHEERS! :bonne-de:

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