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    On Sunday the ballot vote is on between Denis Fitzgerald and the rebels comprising of Eels legends Ray Price, Eric Growth, Brett Kenny and a few others. Basically those three hate Denis Fitzgerald with a passion and have expressed publicly their dislike towards him and what he has done to Parramatta and are now challenging his position as CEO.

    The rebels blueprint -,8659,2...6-23214,00.html

    Mick Cronin says nothing wrong with Denis,8659,2...1-23214,00.html

    Peter Sterling backs rebels,8659,2...6-23214,00.html

    Really hope Pricey and co win, cant see it happening though unfortunetly.
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    Brett Kenny, Eric Grothe and Ray Price all voted onto Parramatta board

    December 14, 2008

    PARRAMATTA legends Brett Kenny, Eric Grothe senior and Ray Price have been voted onto the board of the rugby league club.

    The Parramatta Pride and Passion group won four of the seven spots on the board, with long-standing chairman Alan Overton missing out.

    Former five-eighth Kenny topped the voting with 203, followed by winger Grothe, 201 and forward Price, 194.

    Their ticket secured a fourth board member in John Chidiac.

    Three board members were re-elected, Michael Johnson and two former players Geoff Gerard and Ron Hilditch.

  4. I saw that on FSN people where carrying old pictures of them as players behind the elected board members and chanting and carrying on 'tis odd for something that is usually a non-event and is little more than getting a slip of paper in the mail. (I was a member of my AFL club Port Adelaide and members vote on board members and its little more than getting a ballot paper and a pamphlet saying why you should vote for *insert candidate* and nothing more).
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