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Hey guys just got the game on pc and am using the play.com ps2 to pc converter. in the main menu all the options automatically move and change the options. then when i eventually stop it into play no all the buttons it tells me to press dont work. any advice
please someone :)

the game is awsome, but i cant select anything properly as it automatically changes the variables (e.g. stadium, difficulty etc)
I just mashed the analog stick on my controller when it did that. It worked :)
I know what you mean, had that problem with a few games.

Try calibrating the analogue sticks to make sure they are centred. If that doesn't work then it might just be that the game and controller don't like each other.
not for me unfortunately - makes it unplayable :(

is there a list of the controls also anywhere as all the buttons are mixed up!

try do a free training run. it will tell you what button you are pressing and you can figure it out that way.

good luck at this btw :p but i had trouble with the buttons but you will work it out and will have trouble going back to an xbox/ps2 to play the game cause those buttons dont feel right.

would be good if we could change the config but alas we cant.

as for the options chosing what it wants it def sounds like a calabration issue. that fixes it for me
cheers peeps

ill have a look when im more awake :D

managed to somehow win a match 7-3 without knowing the controls. every other game i have been spanked however :bravo:

ill report back 2mo after work if it worked B)

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