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People from Brisbane : Some questions about rugby there and other things


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Apr 18, 2010
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Hi guys

So got some great news that my move to Brisbane is imminent, definitely some time this year.

Obviously this is going to be a whole new life in terms of job, hobbies and social.

My question is what is the rugby union scene like in Brissie? I will obviously be going to Reds games and such, is there like a supporters club of some sort? Also what is rugby at club level like? I'm going to be staying in the Westlake suburb when I first get there.

You're welcome to also recommend other sport codes or activities for a young family.
Living in Brisbane and go to Reds games at the Suncorp stadium is one of my dreams. Congrats!!!
Rugby is quite big in Brisbane, a lot bigger than in Sydney. The Reds have been constantly getting 30,000 plus this year and they've been crap. League is probably bigger than union and if you ever have the opportunity go to a State of Origin match. It's the one match of league I really look forward to. As you probably know Queensland has won 8 times in a row, (it's very depressing) but the atmsophere at a Origin at Suncorp is amazing. The weather is great too, if you like the beach there's good beaches all up the coast. I live a couple hours south in NSW and I regularly go to Brisbane and the Gold Coast for holidays and it's a very nice part of the world. There's a lot worse places to live.
Great news Steve-O!

I'm currently living in Brisbane, but unfortunately I'm not going to be a lot of help with your questions, as I haven't really been following club rugby (or joined a supporters club) since I moved here. I've been to a few Reds matches though (though am missing the current one as I'm babysitting...... :mad:).

I'm not familiar with Westlake either - in fact I had to google it as I had no idea where it is (I see it is South-West of he city). Overall Brisbane is a fantastic place to live.... you just have to watch out for the Australians ;)

If you do have any non-rugby related questions feel free to ask, though I can't guarantee I will be much help....
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Enjoy your time there...it is a wonderful part of the world and the SunCorp stadium has been one of my favourites since watching the RWC there in 2003......what they have done with the beach and restaurants on the South Bank is fantastic and you have access to great beaches and towns to the North (Noosa is a great favourite) and glitz and "tat" on the Gold Coast so something for everyone!!!
Hi there, sorry for the late reply. I didn't realise that I got responses.

I see I didn't mention I had a destination wedding in Brisbane and stayed for a 4 week holiday. So I had a look around the area going up and down the coast. Far as Noosa up north and far as the Gold Coast southwards. Noosa was also my favourite Tony, great beach town.

The East Coast is like a carbon copy of the area I've stayed in all my life, the KZN north coast. Mangrove swamps with pristine beaches north and south of it. It's just on a much larger scale. MUCH larger scale. Absolutely massive country.

Thanks Darwin I'll definitely pick your brain. We're a young family so we can't do much stuff haha, so I'm sure you've got information that can help us settle in. I focused on club rugby in my question as that is my favourite scene, and I figured I'd make friends that way quickly. I haven't been active on the forums but rugby is still my favourite. Our family life on Saturday afternoon revolves around the game that is on haha. Going to be VERY difficult to support the Aussie teams but I'm definitely going to adopt the Reds and Wallabies.

At the moment, it looks like we'll probably be over there around September.

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