Perpignan vs Clermont final

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    Here is the repetition of last year TOP 14 final.

    Repetition on the paper only, because both team won't enter the field the same way they did.

    First because Perpignan is favorite. The most regular team of the season have to "defend" a title, despite Jacques Brunel declaration before the semi, who said they came to gain again a title.
    A very pleasant game, open and versatile. Strong forwards but certainly not enough to take a definitive advantage on Clermont's.
    Fly half position a bit fragile IMO, and a third line that can sometimes turn faulty around rucks and give gift penalties.

    Secondly because of Clermont. Let's forget the repetitive slogan "this year is their" and just have a look on the end on the season. Clermont's, oppositely to the previous seasons, didn't flew over the championship. This can be read as a sign that it doesn't frighten anymore, and is now easy readable in their game shemes, but it is also be a chance for them to take over their last and unique weakpoint: The mental.
    They could and maybe should have lost the 2 last and qualifying matches, versus RC92 and Toulon, but didn't.
    Despite a massive domination in almost all sectors of the game (scrum, linouts, conquest), their uncapacity to finish and score on attacks let them be accessible all along the martch for their very realistic opponents, and this could have let them collapse (like they often did each time they were defeated).
    Here they won not only on the opposition, but before all on themselves, and this certainly was what they had to.

    I can't see a front line taking a clear advantage on the other. Out of any big lethal mistakes from any of them, the game will be open and balanced. Ability to play regaining balls should be essential, and the bench tactic too as for the first time of the year, weather could be hot. It's not a new parameter, but to tell that this spring as been very fresh until now, and bodies won't be adapted.
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