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Peter Fulton


Hayden Shaw

What a stella international debut series this guy has had against Sri Lanka but I believe his debut was some what delayed with an awesome First Class record in the last few years. Why has he been overlooked?

What worries me is that the selectors continue to stick with the same under performing players. There are guys pushing for spots domestically in the side eg Jesse Ryder, Graham Aldridge and even Joey Yovich. Graham Aldrige is an expectional bowler and is picked over an inconsient James Franklin!

With the World Cup approaching they need to start widing there opitions batting and importantly bowling with Shane Bond being so vunerable to injury of late.
yeah i guess there is a need to increase the blackcaps player pool, get some new guys...we need atleast a couple of new pace bowlers.
yeah i think he should have been in the squad earlier.

i read somewhere that his big scores (mainly his 300 and his 200 a couple of seasons ago) were over looked because the black caps were away in either the champions trophy or tour (i can't remember) so there were no selectors at the game or any of our "top" bowlers there.

but while i was thinkin this it takes alot of concentrating to score big scores like that (even just to make a hundred) but eh who knows what the selectors were really thinking
That was around the time when the New Zealand selectors picked Papps instead of Fulton wasn't it?

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