Players Improving Throughout Franchise Mode

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Savage, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Savage

    Savage Guest

    One question - do players improve, say simon mannering starts on 4/4/4, does his stats improve over the years with the club, after more games played?

    I'm trying to figure this out, so i can buy crap players without it being a mistake.

    yes i could search, but alas no, i didnt.

    help me
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  3. Parore

    Parore Guest

    Apparently it does according to one guy at this is what he said
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  4. Savage

    Savage Guest

    cheers bro.
  5. NgatiDread

    NgatiDread Guest

    Yep Player stats improve with game play, just signed on a rookie 4/4/4 now has a 5/7/5 his tackling stat has just about topped out,

    great this game just gets betta with age.
  6. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I am now in 2011 yr

    Just won my 1st GF........have been simulating all year and provided i qualify for the finals i will play them only.

    My team has Hohia, barret, paeliaseeeeaanaaeeeaaa (spelt near this), minicheillo, famasaga, grothe, sutton, villasanti, cusack, b bowen, thaiday, and a few other cant remember

    u can get a very good team of good players

    u just gotto know when to sign em

    i got minicheillo for $250,000, and now he takes pay cuts to stay on board
    got meninga (created), coming back into the team after a 3 year spell with the Tigers......and yes he is coming for only $210,000, when he is a created monster.

    Have u all divulged into the little trading intricacies................I figured out how to sign players for cheap.....................think about who i got listed up there:


    All good players and most of them playmakers thus expesnive


    jUST CALL ME...............NICK.........................POLITIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]



    i forgot the little black flash


  7. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    how did u sign them, are you still on easy? im on legend and none of my stars will take anything less than 300.000. No one, not even the crap players will sign for less than market value, weather for loyalty or a longer contact.
  8. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I dunno to what extent the difficulties make, but i play on seasoned.

    but when playing on legend, i do not see why u couldnt get close to this...maybe one player less....Bott was a bargain.


    Only sign injured players - unless ur desperate

    Go and look for injuries - preferably long ones

    Say Joey has a 10 week injury - is fit to play again on july 20

    For every week that goes by, whilst he is sidelined, his market value will drop little by little

    by the 9th week on the injury, he will never be cheaper....once he is back, its back to bullshite prices

    I had Laurie Daley demanding $650,000 - yes i created him authentically [​IMG]
    He gets a 15 week injury.
    In the 12 week of the injury he was demanding $310,000 - more than 50% off, and for a created monster, THAT IS BARGAIN......the same happened to Mal Meninga, whom i resigned, i let Laurie go his own way.....seemed a centre does more damage, so i kept Mal.

    I heard mini had a 13 week injury in june....i thought i'd won lotto
    In august i went to check his price and he demanded $275,000 - to me thats cheap for mini, normally he is looking at $300,000 + (on both legend, god, and seasoned)..........i got him for $290,000......a little pricey for my liking but done.

    After 3 years, he is still in top form, i won the GF, and now he only wants $210,000 (LOYALTY i gather)....thus resigned him, and now got $80,000 for a rookie.

    They way i see it, injuries drop their form, and that drops the price.....but when they return from injuries, it only takes minimal matches to get them back to top form, and demand their rightful value...thus IMO signing them injured is like, getting them cheap as they dont play for you next year, in which they always are back from the injury.

    I do not know the Extent of the implications of diffculty

    but i will confirm, on any difficulty, mini demands $300,000+, and i got him for less on seasoned, and also, injuries do make them cheaper - i guess how much cheaper is determined by the difficulty...yet do not know the spread, from level to level.

    p.s i got L Swain for under $100,000 aswell......injuries and great time to flash a contract around, as they are bed riddened, and unsure if they can bounce back.

  9. Parore

    Parore Guest

    wouldnt Maninga be 51 in 2011?
  10. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i created him as an 18yr old [​IMG]
  11. That wouldn't be a surprise! [​IMG]
  12. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Thanks AK, im looking for some big name injuries now.

    Im playing on legend, and it seems that players coming of contract wont settle for less than 200. 000 and the good ones no less than 300.000 so its hard to resign any of them.I spose this is the same on any difficulty though.

    One thing ive noticed in my second year of franchse, is that my guys hav startd plying much better, defence is no longer a nightmare, and attack is much more mistake free. i assume this can only be the training kicking in, and the players being happy, due to lots of consecutive wins. I scored 5 tries with meli in one game, 3 of which were runnaways!
  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    along with my above team i have i have just signed:
    J Moneghan

    I re-signed Trent Barret for $176,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    Now in 2012 - more than 26 players on roster

    I have won 2 GF's in 3 years - Seems success does depict players re-signing for less $$$$

    I also simulate the regular season games.......and play the finals, and thats why i get soo many injuries, thus can sign cheap.
    Also find simulating massively effects player form, alot different to when u actual play each game, as my rosters is always rotating, thus my rookies get game time, whereas when playing each game, injuries are less, and ur rookies suffer, on the bench, with zero form slide or rise.

    But Simulating exposes the user to the firing squad, with potential simulated losses, which mean zero profit, or 3 seasons in a row of not making the finals, will also mean ur my warning email the other night, as before i won the GF in 2010, i was looking at 3 yrs consecutive not making the 8.

    Orford next year will be a big bonus..........should make the finals no probs, as of late i have scraped into 8th, nearly everytime, and gone onto to win the GF only twice, as i do not simulate the finals........sometime my team doesnt deserve to be there and playing the minor premiers in week 1 of the finals, can be a very very tuff match...thus i have been knocked out of the finals approx 3 times, but wont cheat and re-load.......i wanna have a real franchise.
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