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Playing the game now....



I have just played my first game on the demo. I have got to say I am pleasantly suprised. Graphics are very very good, gameplay is quite smoothe and solid. A few bugs like your outside half always standing still and losing stupid rucks but this game is ok

What I do need to know is how do you create set moves off the ruck

The icons appear at the bottom of the screen but when I press up or right, nothing happens
from what i've seen, you have to wait until the triangle over the scrum half becomes red to launch the set play (i guess by passing the ball with R1 / L1)
Thanks, I will try it now. I have just got back from an amazing match

Trailing leading 12-10 with 15 mins to go, I collapsed the scrum to give Aus a penalty and take the lead 13-12. In the last 10 min I went all out against a computer AI I thought was very good. The crowd were urging me on and on, I got over the line only to knock it on with a huge 'awwwwww' from the crowd. From the resulting scrum Aus kicked out to touch to a heard of booos, absolutely great stuff!
I do not know sorry. I still cannot get a pivot or dummy switch to work though
The demo is set on easy (from everything I've heard.)

Regarding setplays, just like sexybob said, wait till the indicator above your scrum half turns GREEN -- that's what I thought it was, anyway.

Locks says that you can manipulate your setplays and deviate from what's going on (which is a great thing). However, working them as is . . .

I'm assuming you press the d-pad to select which one.

Pass the ball out then . . . does the A.I. kick in slightly to initiate (then you take control) or say, with the Pivot, will you pass to your inside centre and then the AI takes your flyhalf on the loop.

don't know, good luck sean
some of the guys earlier mentioned something about transfering the ps2 demo onto computer so we can download. is this possible?
Scot, why don't you ask in that thread?
Hello there sean43.

Seeing as you were really quick to knock the game before you played it, I'm quite interested to see what you think of it now you've had a few games on it?

Did you think my review did it justice? Was it better than you thought?

im happy ur happy sean43 u seem like a lomu addict abd criticizing 05 b4..now that ur happy its got my hopes up even more........March17 next week