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please give me reputation points

Where did all our rep go? lol. I was pretty impressed with my 8 points!! :p
It got lost in the upgrade but me and dan thought best to start from the beginning...
i should start a topic requisting rep points... and people will actually give me rep points!? wow! I want one!
Then start one!

Anyway, everyone of us needs acknowledgement! That`s why everybody request rep points, no matter if there is a + or a - rep! Important is to be known!
I'm still missing my 30pts i had before the 'so called upgrade'

Upgrade my ass

From the Sidelines :hunt:

Victim Cam :bond:
well, charlie... you are getting more rep points every day! so dont moan! you're gonna get it sooN!
yeah you are over 1/4 the way of getting there, i am along way from getting back to my 37 points, i think thats what i had
Teh Mite: "Yeah, how the hell am I going to get my 58 back! "

By kissing the right arses as you did before :cheers:
I worked long and hard to get my 15, but now.... I've got just one!!?

The upgrade ruined me!!

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