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Dec 28, 2015
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London Wasps

Just thought I'd have a think about some Prem Team of the Season options and came up with 2 players for each position. Some tough calls but went for following:

P Hill/Louw
J Hill/Rowlands
D Du Preez/Vermualen

Obviously lots of players who stand out and would usually look at just top 4 but wanted to assess additional players whose clubs maybe haven't been amazing but have put a shift in. Lots of good players who I couldn't pick such as Chick, B Curry, Freeman, Parton, Spencer, McInally, Capon, Gray etc.

From Wasps POV, Robson has been stand out and IMHO would slip straight into most teams in the Prem. Rowlands has been an absolute workhorse and put a huge shift in with Launchbury out whilst West/Bassett have both had extremely productive seasons. T Willis/Umaga have shown an up turn in form and Atkinson has given promise.

Also shout out to Rob Miller who never gets enough game time but has added so much strength and structure to 15 every time he plays for us.
Sorry a bit biased but George McGuigan has to be in the discussion at 2. Hes been sheer class all season.
Radwan has been great but then so have several other clubs wingers.

Others, who are maybe not quite in the frame:
Chick and Will Welch have been very impressive, but were both out injured for the first half of the season so shouldnt really qualify.

Trevor Davison made the England summer squad which shows how much he has improved this season...and Sean Robinson is Mr Consistently excellent. But neither would probably make the team of the season.
I'd have gone for:

1. Marler
2. McGuigan
3. Louw
4. J. du Preez
5. Attwood
6. Liebenberg
7. Evans
8. Simmonds
9. Care
10. Smith
11. Hassell-Collins
12. P. O'Conor
13. Rona
14. T. O'Flaherty
15. Green

I realise that is a very Quins-heavy side, but there's a reason we're in the final and all the players I've mentioned have been massive.
Liebenberg is a great shout as would Wiese. Feel like Louw really hasn't got enough love this season. Being as loosehead prop but occasional tighthead, i know how tough it can be and Louw has been dominant in scrums, regularly plays up to and beyond 60 mins and always seems to carry well and make tackles. Gotta lot of love for him as a player.