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Premiership Rugby 22/23 - Rd 19

Never liked the "it's not the England style" when the England style is dog **** and failing.
Watching yesterday and Care should be there.
A backline of Care, Smith, Watson Lawrence, Marchant, Arundell, Malins would be quite good.
My worry over Steward is his ability to read the game and make breaks.
Maybe he is still too young to feel he can make his own decisions and is playing too much to a plan.
Can hear these collisions through the refs mic, going to be some sore bodies tomorrow
Not really seen much of Theo Dan before but he's very good
All Carpenter had to do there was look to his left.
Always thought Hodnett was a great TMO.....ahem

Probably trying to make up for the saints game
He has a strange physique. His legs are what you would expect from a front rower but he has a tiny upper body.
I like how they asked the Sarries coach about him and he basically said the same thing as you about him having a large...posterior chain
Sale have all the momentum this half, Davies is a shocking SH.
Nervous contest which I suspect will be decided by a penalty score either way. Going to be a tough final 20mins moreso for Sarries

#brokenrecord but it is absurd that we have a top two clash during the 6N, and we wonder why the game is flailing.
Need Raffi to find some form and get back in the England mix. I don’t rate JvP.

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