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I'm playing in career mode at the moment and after I play Benneton Trevviso with my team, the game gets to the loading screen and then freezes. I waited over 20 minutes for it to change, but nothing happened. This has happened about 3 or 4 times now and is getting a bit annoying because I am really enjoying Career Mode and I want to play some more teams (I think I know the BT team inside out now)

Anyone got any ideas - should I start a new career?

No happened a couple of times for me as well, I persevered and and saved after every match so if the load prob did come up I only have to play one match again.
Ok, I just can't seem to get past Benneton Trevisso at the moment, it's just anooying me, I'll have another try a bit later. I'll try cleaning the disk again, though I've already done that a few times.

What platform do you have it on?

I doubt the disc is dirty, but its never happened to me.

Just keep saving after each match and persevere with it.
I'm playing on PS2. Looks like there isn't anything I can do about it, so I'll just save after each match. Thanks anyway guys.

YES!!!...ps2 only i hope lol

on the old rugby2005 xbox version sumtimes a red box pops up during gameplay and sez "disc is damaged"...its quite annoying

but this seems more annoying....glitches replaced by glitches...come on ea
YAH finally got past Benneton Trevisso. Thrashed them 28-5. :bana: Good game.


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